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Learning Science Weekly Podcast


The Learning Science Weekly Podcast brings together thought leaders, researchers, creatives, authors, and scientists to chat about the science of learning and how it can be applied in corporate and customer education.

In this week's episode, we had a conversation with Pauline Muljana. Tune in to hear how Pauline transitioned from a full-time Instructional Designer to a doctoral student and what advice would she has for people who are looking to get their Ph.D.'s. Pauline discusses how to balance being a parent, a student, as well as a writer. We'll also be going over some tips on self-regulated learning and instructional design best practices.

Guest: Pauline Muljana

"Self-regulated learning completely changed my life." - Pauline Muljana

Pauline is a former Instructional Designer with twelve years of experience working for the eLearning Department at California State Polytechnic University at Pomona, where she provided instructional design consultation for course design and development and also facilitated workshops and webinars on technology integration.

She is now taking a break from that full-time job to pursue her dream, a PhD in Instructional Design and Technology, at Old Dominion University in Virginia. Pauline’s research interests focus on learning analytics, self-regulated learning, and instructional design.

She is the Co-Founder of a group called Professional Development for Instructional Designers or PD4IDs. This is a group dedicated to building a community of instructional designers and providing free professional development for colleagues in the field across the industry and around the world. (You can find more information at the bottom of the page.)

She is also actively serving at the Association for Educational Communications and Technology Graduate Student Assembly/GSA (as the President) and is involved in multiple projects within AECT.

Here are some readings that Pauline Muljana's recommends:

Lastly,  be sure to check out Pauline's paper which she co-authored with her colleagues, describing the design process of a learning object called “Making Molecules: Dot Structures and Ionic Compounds.”

When Chemical Bonding is Perceived Simple and Interesting: The Design and Development of a Learning Object. Authors: Pauline Muljana, Jodye Selco, Richard Feldman, Thomas Gaston, and Bo Choi.

Professional Development for Instructional Designers

PD4IDs is a community that Pauline and her three colleagues (Kayla Jutzi, Kimberly Scott, and Kristen Austion) started to provide free professional development to Instructional Designers.

More information can be found on their website and their Facebook Page.

Thank you again for listening and join us again next week!