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The Learning Science Weekly Podcast brings together thought leaders, researchers, creatives, authors, and scientists to chat about the science of learning and how it can be applied in corporate and customer education.

In this week's episode of the Learning Science Weekly Podcast, we spoke to Sumeru Chatterjee about Customer Education and putting Community first --- the idea that people don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it. We spoke about the secrets behind starting a community and building a movement around a shared identity and values.

Guest: Sumeru Chatterjee

Sumeru Chatterjee aka Sumo is a lifelong 'unlearner' who accidentally fell into and then fell in love with education. He comes from an entire family of educators, his sister is a professor at Oxford, his dad's authored 15 books and been an educator for 20 years and his mom was a college dean.

He's led education and community for several successful SaaS companies like Addepar, Gong, and Thinkific. He is also the founder of which is the largest community of corporate education professionals in the world. Sumo also boasts of multiple failed attempts at a Guinness World Record and currently lives in Vancouver, BC.

Recommended by Sumeru Chatterjee:

"Build a movement around a shared identity and values and you'll never go out of business." - Sumeru Chatterjee

You can personally connect with Sumeru Chatterjee through his community or on LinkedIn.

Thank you again for listening and join us again next week!