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  • Issue 99: Video Visual & Questions 🔠

    This week we’re chatting about improving videos! Specifically, the article asks: In educational videos, do learners benefit from enhanced visuals, embedded questions, both, or neither? 

    • Duration 8m
  • Issue 98: Equity in E-Learning ⚖️

    We’re covering a study that aimed to understand the equitability of e-learning. Specifically, the researchers wanted to know: Do deaf and hard of hearing learners experience higher levels of fatigue in e-learning courses? Does this impact learning outcomes?

    • Duration 9m
  • Issue 97: Sequence is Significant 🧮

    This issue, we’re covering whether sequence matters for learning outcomes. Does the order of learning tasks impact learning outcomes? Will presentation order of instructional materials impact learning?

    • Duration 8m
  • Issue 96: Do Computers Cut Creativity? 🎨

    This week, we’re exploring creativity within virtual environments. Specifically, the article seeks to answer the following: Does communicating virtually help or hinder creative idea generation? What about idea selection? 

    • Duration 10m
  • Issue 95: The MOOC Look 🕶️

    The questions we’re hoping to answer this week are: Do learners have different types of engagement? If so, does it matter? Are MOOCs following instructional design principles? 

    • Duration 9m
  • Issue 92: Stop, Elaborate, & Listen 👂

    This week, we’re chatting about elaboration and assessments. Specifically, we’re hoping to answer: Does “Make & Take Quizzing” boost learner studying and assessment scores?

    • Duration 8m
  • Issue 91: VR: Social & Sea 🚢

    In this week’s issue we are covering virtual reality training. We'll start with a new article and review one from an older issue. Specifically, the articles aim to answer: Are there learning outcome differences between VR and instructor training for...

    • Duration 9m
  • Issue 90: Learning and Text Styles 🧵

    Welcome to this week’s LSW, where (you guessed it), we’re covering different styles of text and their impact on learning. Specifically, this week we’re exploring the following questions: Does handwritten or typeface text improve learning performance? What is the optimal...

    • Duration 10m
  • Issue 88: Mid-May Motivation 🌸

    In this mid-May issue, we’re chatting about motivation! Specifically, we’re asking: Are there differences in learner motivation after using a mobile AR? Do different educational modes impact learning motivation?

    • Duration 12m
  • Issue 89: Graphic Organizers Improve Learning 📇

    This week, we’re chatting about new research looking at graphic organizers, such as concept-mapping. Specifically, we’re hoping to answer the following: Does training intensity impact concept-mapping effectiveness? Can technology-assisted graphic organizers improve performance?

    • Duration 10m
  • Issue 87: Does Environment Impact Learning? ⛅

    This week, we’re chatting about the environment and learning. Specifically, we’re seeking out answers to the following: Does indoor temperature affect our learning ability? Is outdoor education an effective way to improve motivation?

    • Duration 10m
  • Issue 85: Persona(lization) Points 🤸

    Hey there! This week, we’re talking about the personalization principle and creating learner personas. Specifically, we hope to answer: Does learner interest impact the personalization principle? Can cognitive load interfere with understanding persona profiles?

    • Duration 12m
  • Issue 84: Teaching Communication through Simulation 💬

    This week, we’re diving into research about interpersonal skills (IPS), communication, and self-efficacy. Specifically, we’re answering: How do learners perceive interpersonal training? Does the avatar matter in IPS training with VR?

    • Duration 12m
  • Issue 83: Seductive Details: Hot Takes 🔥

    In this week’s newsletter, we’re expanding our coverage of seductive details... Specifically, we're addressing: Does seductive detail format impact learning differentially? When is it important to consider seductive details?

    • Duration 12m
  • Issue 82: March Mobile Madness 🏀

    We’re answering the following questions: Can mobile games  improve learning over traditional courses? Are we asking the right questions around mobile technologies and learning?

    • Duration 10m
  • Issue 81: All About Assessments ✅

    Welcome, welcome! This week we’re chatting about assessments and testing. Specifically, our articles address the following: Does feedback after practice tests improve metacognition and exam performance? Can deadlines prevent cramming for tests?

    • Duration 13m
  • Issue 80: Time for Learning ⏰

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day! For this week’s topic, we’re covering time. Specifically, we’re asking: Does the amount of time between learning materials impact memory? How do non-standard days/times impact motivation?

    • Duration 10m
  • Issue 79: Video Learning Considerations 📹

    This issue will recap some articles that we’ve talked about before, as well as some new ones. Specifically, we’re covering: When should we use text, video, or both? Does length of the video matter?

    • Duration 10m
  • Issue 78: Learning from Computer People 💻

    This week, we’re covering details revolving around the social factors of pedagogical agents. Specifically, we’re asking: Do pedagogical agent facial expressions and gestures impact learning?What factors of social fidelity affect learning from pedagogical agents?

    • Duration 12m
  • Issue 77: How Close? How Far? 🤏

    We’re focusing on proximity (i.e., goodbye to the tight cold weather snuggles from my pups). Specifically, the research we’re covering this week looks at proximity in visual processing. The questions that we’re answering are: Does the layout of slide/text multimedia...

    • Duration 10m
  • Issue 76: Feedback and Training Outcomes 🏋️

    Hello, hello! This week, our articles tackle factors that affect training outcomes. Specifically, we’re asking: Do feedback-seeking and reflective behaviors impact training transfer? Are training outcomes influenced by follower/leader agreement?

    • Duration 12m