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Learning science is a multidisciplinary field, drawing from decades of research and practice in areas like cognitive psychology, neuroscience, education, computer science, and linguistics; this rich history has left us with a body of evidence to support adult learning at scale. Unfortunately, the Learning & Development practice has historically been a matter of accumulated folk wisdom instead of being built on a foundation of meticulously researched evidence.

The Mission

We've decided it's time to bring science to L&D. This outreach initiative, anchored by the Learning Science Weekly newsletter, is designed to help professionalize the L&D industry by providing research-backed, evidence-based best practices that can aid practitioners in the creation of effective learning environments and impactful educational experiences. By translating cutting-edge research into actionable insights for the field, we hope to usher in a new age of improved and more informed practice.

Our Sponsor

Learning Science Weekly is sponsored by Intellum, an Atlanta-based learning technology company that combines the best of customer experience with customer education to help large brands and fast-moving companies increase revenue, improve customer retention, and decrease support costs. The Intellum Platform includes all the tools an organization needs to create, manage, track and improve highly-personalized learning experiences for customers, partners and even employees.