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  • Issue 113: Focus on Fellowship 🫂

    Issue 113 is tackling how social interactions can impact learning and knowledge retention, specifically answering the questions: Does the leader/employee relationship impact employee learning orientation? Does group learning help improve self-directed learning? What should your 2023 education strategy focus on?...

    • Duration 8m
  • Issue 104: Abandonment Issues 🥺

    Is there a relationship between how you label your initiatives and learner outcomes? Do fun activities promote informal learning?

    • Duration 10m
  • Issue 103: Connect the Dots 🔴

    Since beginning your education initiative, what business outcomes have your company experienced, if any? How do notifications impact learning?

    • Duration 8m
  • Issue 105: Show Me The Money 💰

    Is there a correlation between the type of education initiative and an increase in revenue? Does incorporating gambling into an LMS increase learner engagement?

    • Duration 8m
  • Issue 102: No learner left behind 🙅

    Do companies using platforms built to educate multiple audiences experience more positive business outcomes than those using platforms built to educate only one? How can we optimize workplace learning?

    • Duration 10m
  • Issue 100: Turning 100: An LSW Celebration 💯

    It’s our Very Merry 100th issue! To celebrate the achievement, we’ll be revisiting our very *first* issue. This week, we’ll chat about how to optimize educational videos, utilizing social/collaborative learning tools, and FoMO. 

    • Duration 12m
  • Issue 99: Video Visual & Questions 🔠

    This week we’re chatting about improving videos! Specifically, the article asks: In educational videos, do learners benefit from enhanced visuals, embedded questions, both, or neither? 

    • Duration 8m
  • Issue 98: Equity in E-Learning ⚖️

    We’re covering a study that aimed to understand the equitability of e-learning. Specifically, the researchers wanted to know: Do deaf and hard of hearing learners experience higher levels of fatigue in e-learning courses? Does this impact learning outcomes?

    • Duration 9m
  • Issue 97: Sequence is Significant 🧮

    This issue, we’re covering whether sequence matters for learning outcomes. Does the order of learning tasks impact learning outcomes? Will presentation order of instructional materials impact learning?

    • Duration 8m
  • Issue 96: Do Computers Cut Creativity? 🎨

    This week, we’re exploring creativity within virtual environments. Specifically, the article seeks to answer the following: Does communicating virtually help or hinder creative idea generation? What about idea selection? 

    • Duration 10m
  • Issue 95: The MOOC Look 🕶️

    The questions we’re hoping to answer this week are: Do learners have different types of engagement? If so, does it matter? Are MOOCs following instructional design principles? 

    • Duration 9m
  • Issue 92: Stop, Elaborate, & Listen 👂

    This week, we’re chatting about elaboration and assessments. Specifically, we’re hoping to answer: Does “Make & Take Quizzing” boost learner studying and assessment scores?

    • Duration 8m
  • Issue 91: VR: Social & Sea 🚢

    In this week’s issue we are covering virtual reality training. We'll start with a new article and review one from an older issue. Specifically, the articles aim to answer: Are there learning outcome differences between VR and instructor training for...

    • Duration 9m
  • Issue 90: Learning and Text Styles 🧵

    Welcome to this week’s LSW, where (you guessed it), we’re covering different styles of text and their impact on learning. Specifically, this week we’re exploring the following questions: Does handwritten or typeface text improve learning performance? What is the optimal...

    • Duration 10m