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  • Issue 81: All About Assessments ✅

    Welcome, welcome! This week we’re chatting about assessments and testing. Specifically, our articles address the following: Does feedback after practice tests improve metacognition and exam performance? Can deadlines prevent cramming for tests?

    • Duration 13m
  • Issue 80: Time for Learning ⏰

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day! For this week’s topic, we’re covering time. Specifically, we’re asking: Does the amount of time between learning materials impact memory? How do non-standard days/times impact motivation?

    • Duration 10m
  • Issue 79: Video Learning Considerations 📹

    This issue will recap some articles that we’ve talked about before, as well as some new ones. Specifically, we’re covering: When should we use text, video, or both? Does length of the video matter?

    • Duration 10m
  • Issue 78: Learning from Computer People 💻

    This week, we’re covering details revolving around the social factors of pedagogical agents. Specifically, we’re asking: Do pedagogical agent facial expressions and gestures impact learning?What factors of social fidelity affect learning from pedagogical agents?

    • Duration 12m
  • Issue 77: How Close? How Far? 🤏

    We’re focusing on proximity (i.e., goodbye to the tight cold weather snuggles from my pups). Specifically, the research we’re covering this week looks at proximity in visual processing. The questions that we’re answering are: Does the layout of slide/text multimedia...

    • Duration 10m
  • Issue 76: Feedback and Training Outcomes 🏋️

    Hello, hello! This week, our articles tackle factors that affect training outcomes. Specifically, we’re asking: Do feedback-seeking and reflective behaviors impact training transfer? Are training outcomes influenced by follower/leader agreement?

    • Duration 12m
  • Issue 75: Valentine Special: Identity & Safety 🤎

    Happy *almost* Valentine’s Day! In the spirit of feeling safe and loved, this week we’re honing in on diversity and psychological safety! Specifically, we’re asking: Do employee identities impact workplace engagement? Can a team-based game intervention develop psychological safety?

    • Duration 14m
  • Issue 74: Administering High-Stakes Tests 🥩

    This week, we’re delving into factors of high-stakes testing. Specifically, we’re asking: Does administration location (testing center vs. virtual proctored) affect performance? How can we improve the equitability of high-stakes tests?

    • Duration 10m
  • Issue 73: Social Learning & Leadership 🧸

    Welcome! This week, we’re continuing on with leadership’s impact on learning. However, our focus is a bit more precise, since today’s articles focus exclusively on customer-facing employees. The questions we explore this week are: Does leader/employee relationship impact employee learning...

    • Duration 14m
  • Issue 72: Put ‘em in Coach (the Managers, that is)! 🏅

    Happy Thursday! For this week’s article breakdowns, we’re focusing on manager coaching. While we know that manager coaching is related to learning, studies are getting a bit more in-depth. The questions we answer this week are: Does management style impact...

    • Duration 12m
  • Issue 71: Whale, Let’s Go Again: Gamification 🐳

    Whale-come to your weekly dose of learning science!  This week’s articles address the following questions: Does hope or compulsion lead to customer engagement? What factors contribute? Does an accessible gamified experience lead to learning for those with total blindness?

    • Duration 12m
  • Issue 70: A Battle for the Ages: Text, Video, Audio 📻

    Today we’re covering articles that look at whether text on screen helps or hinders learning, as well as if audio lessons are improved by video and/or subtitles. Here are the specific questions we’re tackling: When presenting audio information, should video...

    • Duration 10m
  • Issue 69: The More the Merrier 🎠

    This week’s articles delve into how learners engage in asynchronous online discussions, which lies at the intersection of informal and social/collaborative learning. Specifically, the questions asked are: How do discussions naturally progress in an informal science group? Are instructor-, learner-,...

    • Duration 11m
  • Issue 67: Memorizing Butterflies 🦋

    This week’s topic came from a recent email regarding learning novel words, which I found incredibly interesting in the context of adult learning. When we enter a new field, we are often subjected to learning a list of new “vocabulary...

    • Duration 10m
  • Issue 66: Taking Notes and Reading Slides 📓

    This week’s articles focus on learner note-taking and slide accessibility. The questions that we’ll be looking at this week are: Does texting during a presentation impede note-taking and learning outcomes? Should learners have access to a copy of the slides...

    • Duration 10m
  • Issue 65: Learning in Managerial Training 🚆

    This week’s articles focus on some learning strategies for managers. We’ll be addressing: Can team-based learning improve interpersonal skills?Does gamification increase cognitive rehearsal?

    • Duration 11m
  • Issue 64: Can Robots Improve Complex Skills? 🤖

    In our ever-improving world of technological advancements, our training practices are following suit. The articles today look at two methods of training that utilize these technological advancements. 

    • Duration 10m
  • Issue 61: Learning Research You Really Autumn Know 🍂

    • September 23, 2021 • We’re focusing on the following questions: Are case studies or simulations better when learning critical thinking? Can an informal education program improve knowledge & customer loyalty?

    • Duration 8m
  • Issue 60: Writing Goals & Reflecting🪞

    • September 16, 2021 •  This week at LSW, we’re delving into types of goals and providing feedback to learners. Specifically, we’re addressing...

    • Duration 10m
  • Issue 59: Responding to Reviews & Virtual Learning Sequence 🔎

    • September 9, 2021 •  In this week’s newsletter, we’re tackling the following questions: How does an interactive peer review method compare to conventional peer review when related to learning Does the order of materials, specifically virtual reality and verbal...

    • Duration 12m
  • Issue 58: Are Group Projects Actually Dreaded? 😓

    • September 2, 2021 •  Our specific questions for this week are: Does integrating a collaborative project improve learning for underrepresented learners?Do learner perceptions of scenario-based learning change when it’s embedded in e-learning?

    • Duration 12m
    • Award
  • Issue 57: Do Instructional Videos and Enthusiasm Improve Learning? ⚛️

    • August 26, 2021 •  The articles in this week’s issue are both related to learning with technology. Specifically, we’re addressing the following questions: Do instructional videos or collaboration affect learning outcomes for digital game-based learning? Is enthusiasm with a...

    • Duration 9m
    • Award