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  • Issue 102: No learner left behind 🙅

    Do companies using platforms built to educate multiple audiences experience more positive business outcomes than those using platforms built to educate only one? How can we optimize workplace learning?

    • Duration 10m
  • Mobile Learning: Effective or Distracting?

    Wondering if mobile learning is right for you? Well, we have some research that indicates it might be -- that is, if you want your learners to be effective, efficient, and motivated.

    • Duration 7m
  • Bite-Sized Videos: Better for the Brain

    Don’t expect learners to sit through a lengthy 20-minute video; not only are they likely to get bored, their brains are less likely to remember what they’ve watched, reducing both near and far transfer.

    • Duration 5m
  • Myths & Legends: Learning Styles

    In a new segment we’re calling “Myths and Legends,” we’re debunking some common misunderstandings with science. This week we’re focusing on learning styles, a topic that just won’t go away.

    • Duration 4m